Active Reading Strategies 

Active reading is just the act of going through a book with the goal of learning something like that and putting it to use.

A gallery can be approached in one of two ways: either you wander through it mindlessly admiring the objects and thinking how much trouble you’d get into if you touched them, or you go in with the intention of learning more about them. You read the captions that are written next to the pictures, make a note of the artist, and take pictures of any paintings that stand out to you.
You can use any of these approaches when reading a book. this is known as active reading. I have two things planned: Demonstrating to you five methods for introducing active reading into each book you read
I’ll demonstrate my use of active reading techniques in three distinct books for you.

The following are my top note-taking tools. But how do I take notes on what I’m reading? asks Cal Newport, who is also not a fan of strict active reading systems.
The Power of Practice will alter your decision-making process. You should read it without a doubt.
A fantastic book on getting scholarships is Confessions of a Scholarship Winner. Read it if you want extra funding for your education.
The difficult-yet-gratifying book Thinking, Fast and Slow explores personal distortions, fallacies, and reasoning. Pick it up if you want a challenging yet enlightening read.

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