How to Make Studying Fun

Let’s be clear about something: studying is boring, right?

When you have to read a textbook or study for a test, you probably feel like there are a million other things you’d rather be doing, like skydiving or just sitting around watching paint dry. Well, that’s fun Stuff it goes without saying that studying is something you must do, therefore the logical follow-up question is: If I must study, is there any way to at least make it enjoyable? The answer is yes, and today we’ll discuss some mental models and useful tips you can employ to make learning more enjoyable.

Get Interested in the Topic:

The important factor is interest. You can’t jump right into the small details of a topic if you’re not interested in it first. You have to be interested in it before you can get into the more complicated parts.

No one reads The History of Middle Earth before reading The Lord of the Rings (or at least watching the movies), and no one reads the C# documentation unless they want to build something in C#, like a video game.

Change Your Environment:

To enjoy your work, you need to be in a setting that encourages concentration and focus.
One piece of advice is to include things that are not only enjoyable and something you can anticipate, but also aren’t distracting. For instance, when I need to concentrate, I listen to music from my carefully prepared Ultimate Study Music Playlist on YouTube.

When you need to conduct some serious studying, another option is to go to your preferred coffee shop or your own super-secret area in the library. Personally, I’ve also discovered that having a tasty beverage around greatly aids.

Create Pre-planned Mini-rewards for Studying:

Your willingness to accomplish a task depends in part on the reward you will receive for doing so. Getting a good grade, being able to finish college, and not having to live in a van by the river are all examples of big, one-time rewards. However, rewards can also come in the form of smaller, but just as rewarding, payoffs.
These smaller rewards can be a good way to motivate yourself to finish your work or even just study for a certain amount of time that day.

However, if you approach your schoolwork with a mindset of genuine curiosity and try to focus on everything you can control, there is a good chance that you will find doing schoolwork a lot more enjoyable. Now, there are many aspects of schoolwork that you cannot control, such as boring professors, dry textbooks, and pointless assignments.

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